Kathleen Cammarata

They feel stocked with meanings,
often tense with them.
This is clearly an artist who favors the cognitive and
the emotional over the decorative.”

Harvey Blume for Art New England, 2002

Cammarata's paintings are abstract, swirling patterns
that mix up elements of earth, air, fire, and water.
Her political commentary is subdued -
there's a sense of a world pulling apart but
her paintings are gorgeous and cohesive.

She deploys texture expertly;
the earth looks embedded with fossils,
and transparent streaks over the surface add to
the whirling momentum and pull the piece together.”

Cate McQuaid for The Boston Globe, 2007

Any creation by the artist is
an abstraction on the natural.
The synergy of the two is an unfolding mystery.”

Kathleen Cammarata

xoxo, monotype, 2001

©2010 Kathleen Cammarata

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