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X/O Studio is an artist printmaking studio located in the heart of the historic and arts districts of Lowell, MA. The studio has a Whelan Press, the latest technology in press design. The space can accommodate up to six artists.

X/O Studio offers access to its facility by reservation on the first Saturday of the month to experienced printers. For those new to printmaking it hosts a number of workshops most of which are held on weekends. For the strongly committed long-term printers other arrangements can be made.

X/O Studio provides press access with a variety of water-based and oil-based inks, brayers, plate oil, newsprint, solvents, rags, and other clean-up equipment. The studio is user friendly and the ambience is nurturing.

X/O Studio will soon be hosting its next
Printmaker's   Workshop

On printmaking processes and techniques

For additional information about workshops or about the X/O studio, contact Kathleen Cammarata:

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